Yo, wassup.

I am Sir Pineapple, the Guardian of Maggie & Fam for the whole summer.
I’ll be moderating comments and sipping on my glorious piña colada,
“basking in the summer sun, just lettin’ off steam.”
I often chat with my friend, Queen Random,
and I love to have conversations!

So. What are you waiting for? 😀

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44 thoughts on “Home

    1. Hello friend! I am just now seeing this – my sincerest apologies. Well, I have a best friend who is a strawberry, so I would have to pick strawberry! They’re bright, vibrant, and fun to be around. It’s a pleasure meeting you, Queen Random!


      1. How right you are! They can get feisty, but strawberries definitely host a great party. The weather? Hm… bask in the sunshine. Avoid the rain. And never – EVER – get caught outside in the wind. I’ve had friends get blown away in years gone by. A tragic loss.

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      2. Yes!! And I’m sure that you miss those friends. But see, weather is a topic that fascinates me. It may be dangerous for fruits like you, but for me, Queen of Random, they’re even sometimes friends!! Fog is really nice, and Thunder has a personality similar to a strawberry! I think you and I should do an interview about the injustices “inanimate” objects face. It’s quite unfair that they get labeled such. But I’m not even an inanimate object, so I’d need your help. I’m gonna go invite you to my blog… We don’t have to do an interview though, if it’s too personal.

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      3. Ah! An absolutely tragic loss. We held a joint funeral for them all one day last year – an entire family of grapes were lost that week… I shall hold their remembrance in my heart forever.
        I do love weather when I’m safely indoors, but I can see how you appreciate the many varied weather cycles. They are fascinating indeed – and dangerous for a fruit like me.
        On the subject of fog, I find the phenomenon quite puzzling. I mean, your Ladyship – where does everything go? And I will heartily agree with that relation; strawberries can have a thunderous temper.
        I must say, what a splendid idea! How clever of you, Queen Random. Yes – now inanimate objects everywhere will have a voice… through me: the honorable Mr. Pineapple. Your invitation was most pleasantly received! I will see what we can do about arranging an interview and shall get back to you shortly.

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      4. I mourn with you.
        Weather is a marvel, and I praise God for it.
        I will have to get back to you once I finish some extensive research on fog. XD Yes, I have experienced it first hand that thunder and strawberries are similar.
        I’m eager to do this interview. It could give even I fresh insight into the daily life of inanimate objects!

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      5. Yes, please do, your Ladyship – fog is a most perplexing matter. Perhaps you can share an article on your foggy findings soon to enlighten me!
        I am most certain it will!


    1. Hi Ave it’s nice to meet you! ❤ Thank you! That means a lot 🙂 Yes I hope so too! You have such a cool blog – I love how upbeat, supportive, and encouraging the content is! ❤

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