Stuffed Animal Friends & Fun Games

Hello! Well, I didn’t end up taking as many pictures as I thought I would today. I was thinking about what I was doing instead of focusing as much on capturing it, and after my first full week of everyday life blogging, I appreciated the little break! This post will be short and sweet. 🙂 My family’s Sunday ended up being relaxed and comfortable.

I spent some time with Elizabeth and her sloth and hamster stuffed animals.

Izzy’s been having fun playing with Baby Garfield recently! Basically, she kidnaps him, then I chase her, and she has a blast. xD

I played some Roblox with Samuel because we hadn’t in a while. 🙂 We worked on a speed eating game that we’ve almost become champions of! (I basically already hold that title in real life. hahah)

Some other highlights from the day were sharing this blog post, watching a movie with my dad, and watching another episode of the Amazing Race! ❤

Thanks for reading!

— Maggie

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