Hello and welcome to Maggie & Fam! On this page, you will get to learn a bit more about all seven of us.

First, there’s me! I’m Maggie, the eldest of the five kids. I’m 20 years old and I love to make my family laugh. I’m passionate about movie trivia, playing games, learning more about the English language, and you can always find me singing.

Next is Joshua! He’s 16 and loves gaming. He’s very interested in science, all things medical, and any dish including jalapeños! He enjoys skateboarding, biking, watching TikTok, and playing on the PS4.

Third, we have Samuel! He is 8 years old and loves having fun and being silly. He thinks our little sisters are adorable, he enjoys watching Kenan and Kel and Studio C, and he and I often play Roblox and OctoDad together.

The fourth child is Elizabeth! She is 3 and will be turning 4 at the end of June. She loves animals, the alphabet, and silly videos. Now that it’s summer, she loves playing in the kiddie pool with her little sister.

The youngest and cutest of the five of us is Isabella, whom we all call Izzy! She’s a powerhouse of silly antics, mischief, and funny facial expressions. She loves doing all the things Elizabeth does and has fun playing with me, Samuel, and Joshua.

Our mom is an awesome woman who takes care of us, cooks, housekeeps, and blogs, too! Our dad is a caring man who provides for us, plays games with us, and enjoys learning about antique cars.

Check out the rest of my blog to see what we’re currently up to!